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"Students have absolute enthusiasm for their plant explorations and a zest for science, questioning, and initiating new projects that I haven't seen before." —6th grade teacher, Boston, MA

Adopt a School Garden® Program

Today we need your help. More than 107 million households across America say that schools should provide students with garden-based learning. Yet schools are desperate for funding to begin or enhance their youth garden programs. You can make a difference.

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Why School Gardens?

Learning comes alive for students and teachers in a school garden setting. Whether indoor under lights or outdoor in the fresh air, there is no subject that can't be taught through plant-based education.

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Gardens create dynamic, ever-changing, natural environments suitable for learning on every level. From reading and language arts, to science, math, and nutrition, to cross-cultural understanding and human rights exploration, everything is possible in the school garden hands-on laboratory. With bales of straw for chairs, clipboards for desks, and the garden for a classroom, textbook lessons literally come to life as butterflies metamorphose, plants grow through their life cycle, and vegetation decomposes. Students measure and record plant growth, harvest and eat fresh veggies on the spot, create sensory poetry, and experience the joy of natural exploration and discovery.

In the classroom, students huddle around seedlings, discover root systems, and proudly watch carefully planned miniature indoor environments evolve. Students learn about, plant lifecycles, geographic climate and soil conditions and a host of other environmental concepts. Not to mention, indoor gardens bring a little bit of the green outdoors inside the classroom!

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There is no doubt that gardens are powerful educational tools, providing opportunities for children to experience the natural world as they develop academic skills and gain first-hand knowledge that leads to healthy and sustainable lifestyles. However, it may be surprising to learn that students who participate in gardening programs grow in other ways, too: they develop positive attitudes and behaviors that enhance the quality of their lives. And they learn important sociological skills such as cooperation, tolerance, appreciation for similarities and differences, and a global understanding of diverse cultures.

Make a donation or Purchase a Grow Kit for a local school today!

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