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Enhance product sales and customer loyalty

The National Gardening Association offers the Internet's largest and most respected online gardening content databases and related services. With our content licensing services, you'll increase site page views and repeat visits, plus enhance e-commerce and build brand loyalty.

NGA's content management system makes it easy. We can provide dynamic serving, XML feeds, or database exports to our content partners. NGA content may be co-branded or private-labeled and is available as annual licenses, and in some cases, perpetual licenses. It's common to mix and match applications or select targeted information to create unique libraries.


Why Partner with NGA for Online Services?

Content Leads to Commerce. We realize that being thanked isn't enough. Savvy online commerce and community require content/commerce integration. Content stimulates interest in your products. When you help your customers become better gardeners, they're more likely to request a catalog, visit your store, or buy your products online. Our extensive content databases, turnkey content delivery system, and online expertise will provide you with the information-based platform to successfully sell your products or build visitor loyalty on the Internet.

Leading Gardening Authority. Reap the benefits of working with the nation's most widely recognized nonprofit gardening organization.

Largest Content Databases. Our growing content databases contain the Internet's largest collection of gardening information. We are continually developing new database applications for our clients.

Customization. We'll work with your Webmaster or agency to integrate our services seamlessly into your site. Dynamic or XML export service allows up-to-the-minute content to be presented on your Web site within the framework of your graphic and navigational template.

E-Commerce Enhancements. It's not enough that you post our award-winning content. We work with you to enhance your e-commerce strategy by developing customized approaches that link the content to your products or catalog.

Traffic Builder. Customer prospecting can be costly on the Web. NGA content and e-mail services encourage repeat visits by the most qualified customers.

Marketing Solutions. With more than 10 years of providing service to leading online publishers and retailers, we know what's working. We provide ongoing consultation and account management. Your success is our success!

Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the most powerful Internet marketing tools. By including content with keywords related to your product, your site will rank higher in seaches for those keywords.

Below we provide a listing and samples of our most popular products and sevices.



Question-and-Answer Service. A proprietary back-end administrative system allows NGA's regional horticulturists to provide customized answers to your customers' online inquiries on your behalf. Answers are sent via e-mail, usually within 24 to 48 hours. View NGA's Q and A Service »

Regional Gardening Reports. Online bi-weekly regional gardening reports, regional to-do lists, local gardening events, and news for 12 national regions. Includes maps and photographs. View Regional Reports »

E-greeting Cards. Library of 100 handsome horticultural images to select for customized online messages. Also includes additional images for screensavers. E-cards can be customized for your company. View E-Cards »

Image Library. More than 3000 digital garden images available. Please inquire for samples and quotes.


Reference Tools

USDA Zone Finder. Data table match for U.S. zip code to USDA planting zone with useful background information. Includes enhanced national and regional USDA maps for easy viewing. View Zone Finder »

Q & A Library. A searchable database of 30,000 gardening tips in Question & Answer format for gardeners with a problem to solve. The library is searchable by keyword and includes enhancements such as Q&A of the Day, Featured Questions by topic, and most recent questions. View Q & A Library »

Plant Finder. The NGA Plant Finder features more than 1,500 of the most popular plants grown in North America. Each entry is accompanied by high quality photos and up to 15 descriptors. The user-friendly Plant Finder can be queried by multiple attributes enabling targeted searches for the best plant selections. Results can be sorted by common or botanical name. Gardeners can search simply by Keyword, Quick Search, or Advanced Search. View Plant Finder »

Weed Library. NGA's Weed Library includes a Weeds Photo Index and an easy diagnostic reference guide to the most common weeds in lawns and gardens. The Library also has a searchable reference guide of 30+ entries organized by Lawns and Gardens. Each one-page Reference Guide includes photo, description, and suggested prevention and controls. NGA allows Licensee to reformat Library so that appropriate product promotions and links may be introduced adjacent to NGA copy. View Weed Library »

Gardener's Dictionary. Includes more than 15,000 entries and a cross-referenced PlantFinder that allows visitors to find plants based on their common or scientific name. View Gardener's Dictionary »

Garden Calculators. A suite of six calculator tools to determine quantities of mulch, amendments, lime, lawn seed, and bulbs. View Garden Calculators »


Information Libraries and Tools

height=124Gardening Article Library. NGA's extensive library of 1,000 feature articles is fully indexed and searchable by key words. View Article Library »

Garden Reminders. Five bi-weekly tips prepared for 12 different regions of the country. Library is updated with 140 original new reminders per month. View Reminders »

Basics 101. Custom collections of articles and tips geared to the first-time gardener. Guides cover flowers, vegetables, fruits, and organic gardening. View sample Basics 101 »

Food Gardening Guides. Extensive and user-friendly database shows how to successfully plant, maintain, harvest, prepare, and store a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. View Food Gardening Guides »

Learning Garden Online Courses. Features 5 interactive online educational courses in a clear, concise, and enjoyable format. Courses include Vegetables & Annual Flowers, Perennials, Exploring the Garden (botany for gardeners) I and II, and our educator's course, From Seed to Seed. Please inquire for samples.

Gardening How-To Projects. 60 of the most popular gardening projects with step-by-step directions, materials, lists, and instructive photos and illustrations. View How-To Projects »

Pest Control Library. Picture identification, descriptions and controls for over 75 common pests, animals, and diseases. View Pest Control Library »

Tips and Q&A's of the Day. 365 preprogrammed Tips and/or Q&A appropriate for all regions. Works well as home page teaser, e-mail content, or site library. Please inquire for samples


Gardening with Kids

height=250Parents' Primer. NGAs Parents' Primer is about creating a garden with and for your kids. It's a user-friendly guide to taking advantage of ″gardening moments″ with your kids every week in your own backyard ... and front yard, and in the garage, and at the windowsill, and in the basement! Includes 10 chapters/sections with garden-building basics. View Parent's Primer »

Kids Gardening Activities: Digging Deeper This library features more than 100 entries loaded with ideas and inspiration. Educators will find activities, how-tos, and real classroom stories/features related to garden- and plant-based learning. View Digging Deeper »

Kids Gardening FAQs. A thematically organized library of 200 questions asked by parents and teachers about gardening with kids. View FAQs »

For more information, please contact: Mike Metallo at (802) 863-5251, ext.123